Saturday, May 23, 2015

REVIEW: Double Visions

Double Visions
Matt Drabble

Genre: Horror, Supernatural
Publication date: 6.2.2015
Pages: 370

Recommended by: Sage's Blog Tours, Read 2 Review
Date read: 5.20.2015

I want to start off with saying that I'm just not one of those fan-girling bloggers that are waiting, breath held, for the next novel from their favorite author to come out.  BUT (there's always a but, isn't there?) ... there are a few - a very few - authors that, yes, I will fangirl about (and I can't believe I'm admitting that now).  Matt Drabble is on that list.  So, when I received an email from Sage (at Sage's Blog Tours), there was no way I was saying no.  And I am SO GLAD that I didn't.

This book ... was awesome!!  Seriously.  I was sucked in from the very beginning and, before I knew it, it was the next morning, I had not slept, and the book was over.  The descriptions ... the stories ... the characters ... the freaky stuff ... I have so much to say, and yet I have no idea where to start.  The description of what happened before was pretty powerful, and the girl that visited Jane at her home was, yeah, perfect.  The identity of the serial killer kept me guessing throughout the ENTIRE story - every time I thought I figured it out, another twist appeared that had me rethinking my choice - and the ending - WOW!  Definitely a must-read.

About the book:
It has been 8 years since the country cowered in fear as the serial killer christened The Crucifer wreaked bloody havoc.
            Jane Parkes had always considered her ability a fine line between a gift and a curse.  She calls it The Shadow World, a place where she can see through the eyes of killers and help bring them to justice.
            Her desperation to prove herself led to a basement confrontation that she wasn't prepared for.  As a result, the Detective that had allowed her to work on the case lay dead alongside the killer.
            She put away her ability to see inside the minds of monsters for 8 long years, but now someone else has taken up The Crucifers' mantle.  Someone is killing again, only this time The Shadow World is a two way street and he wants to play.
            Sucked into a desperate race for survival, Jane is going to learn that sometimes when you stare into the darkness, someone stares back.

About the author:
Born in Bath, England in 1974, a self-professed "funny onion," equal parts sport loving jock and comic book geek.  I am a lover of horror and character driven stories.  I am also an A.S. sufferer who took to writing full time two years ago after being forced to give up the day job.
            I have a career high position of 5th on Amazon's Horror Author Rank of which I am immensely proud.
            "Gated" is a UK and US Horror Chart Top Ten Best Seller and winner of the Full Moon Awards 2014 Horror Book of the Year.
            "Asylum - 13 Tales of Horror" is a US Horror Chart #5.  It was also voted #5 on The Horror Novel Review's Top 10 Books of 2013 and is a Reader Favorite 2014 Gold Medal Winner.
            Both "The Travelling Man" and "Abra-Cadaver" won Indie Book of the Day awards.

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