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REVIEW: Tessa Beth & Co and the Sugarplum Recipes

The Sugarplum Recipes 2:
Tessa Beth & Co
the Sugarplum Recipes
By: Wendy Salter

Genre: Children, Short Stories, Cooking
Publisher: Wendy Salter
Publication date: 7.28.2015

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Date read: 8.24.2015

This is the second book in the series.  Tessa Beth is a little older now, and even though some things have changed, others have not.  The Godmothers are back, she has several different animals in her life, and in these stories you learn a little more about her family and the fun of living on the farm.  

I enjoyed this book more than I did the first, and I really enjoyed the first.  I especially liked the first story (my favorite out of all the stories in both books) - I have a thing for dogs and always feel that the ones that pick you are better than the ones that you pick yourself.  

There are more recipes in this book that I would love to try and, as with the first book, they each go with the story written before it, and include a little explanation of each one.  

I really like Wendy's dedication page.  I know that some people flip right past these, but ever since I was little, I have always made a point to stop and look, curious.  You can learn a lot from this page, and Wendy really has a lot of beautiful words to say on her's.

About the book:
Eight-year-old Tessa Beth sugarplum is famous in her hometown for creating one-of-a-kind cookie recipes.  Tessa Beth and the Cookie Ministry Kids bake batches of zany Sugarplum cookies, tuck them into bags or boxes with Bible verses and deliver them to people in need of a little cheer.  As Tessa Beth navigates life in a small town - from pancakes and pj parties, rabbit princesses on the edge of the farm and rescued puppies - she has her friends to make life adventurous and her baking to show kindness to others as well as for the simple goodness of a sweet treat.  Add a cup of wholesomeness, a sprinkle of whimsy and a scoop of faith and you get Tessa Beth & Co and the Sugarplum Recipes - a unique flavor that tastes sweet like Little House on the Prairie and zesty like Pinkalicious.  The simple yet quirky sugar cookie recipes that follow each chapter, such as Rabbit Princess and Bow-Tie Boy Cookies, will appeal to both boys and girls.

About the author:
A graduate of Georgia Southern University, Wendy Powell Salter is a licensed professional counselor and a school counselor with ten years experience in public schools.  She married her high school sweetheart and they have a daughter.  Wendy is from a long line of farmers and she and her family live on a farm that has been in her family for six generations.  They tend a garden and raise rabbits and silkie bantam chickens.
            Wendy has been a member of Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators since 2012.  Wendy has had the opportunity to do intensives with Matt de La Pena, Nikki Grimes and Donna Jo Napoli.  In addition, she served as an assistant for author Nancy Raines Day at the SCBWI Springmingle in March 2014.  In December 2014, she competed in the St. Augustine Cookie Exchange using the Sugarplum recipes as the basis for her Flamingo's First Christmas cookies.  Author of Flamingo's First Christmas, Nancy Raines Day, featured an article from Wendy's cookies on her website.

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