Monday, August 31, 2015

VOK and Authors For Change

Being a book blogger, I have the opportunity of making friends with all kinds of awesome people, whether they be authors, readers, reviewers, or other book bloggers.  
            I absolutely love working with authors and have met some that I am happy to consider friends.  I'm always interested in hearing about their next projects, and being lucky enough to be one of the people that help get them out there in the hands of potential readers.

A friend of mine, author Jason Kucharik, has started an Indiegogo for his book, VOK, and an organization he has begun called Authors for Change.  Both projects have really caught my attention, and I've read a bit of VOK over on Wattpad and thoroughly enjoyed it.
            Now, I'm not usually the one that posts all about someone's funding goals, but Authors for Change looks like a great idea and I'd like to see him get the chance to get that up and going.  Also, he's giving some really good prizes for the donations (his bookmarks are pretty wow), so check it out. :)

About the book:
Earth has burned.
            My people made sure the humans paid for their insolence in the final days of the Blood War, but as it turns out the universe is pretty freaking huge and they weren't the only threat.  Not by a long shot.
            I'm an Alpha, one of the most feared special operations soldiers in the universe.  Born out of blood, I am the eyes and ears of the High Order and, when need be, their unflinching reaper.  I do not yield, I do not bow, I do not fail.  Ever.
            For centuries our loyalty was unquestionable, but my partner and I uncovered a dark secret about our past that calls into question our entire lives.  The High Order trained us to be the most intelligent, ruthless, and feared soldiers ever created...  They're going to regret that.

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