Monday, September 7, 2015

My Thoughts: Editing Can Be Aggravating

[Edit: It was brought to my attention last night that my train of thought between the title of this post and the post didn't make sense to anyone but me - not the first time.  Editing is aggravating ONLY because I don't write reviews on the books that I edit, which means that I don't get to rant and rave - as much - about the things that I edit (and read) and love.  May still make sense to only me, but at least I attempted to clear up the confusion haha.]

Earlier today, I sent my edit notes to the author of my latest project.  I sit here, hours later, my mind still engulfed in that world, still effected by those characters.  They have become a part of me, and I feel a bond with them.  I even feel that I can relate with some of the personal things that they are going through, the struggle with emotions that they are feeling.
            Have you noticed that books, no matter what genre they are, do that?  You can be minding your own business, tucked up in a comfortable chair, enjoying a novel, and BAM! - all of a sudden you read a line that is so powerful, so spot on, that you can't get it out of your head.  It makes you think, makes you reevaluate your life, makes you wonder.
            And it always seems to be in a way that I'm sure the author had no intention.  I mean, it's not like they wrote a self-help book or a memoir about their personal transformations - it's a fictional story they created.  And yet their fictional characters are speaking to me, as if they know me better than my closest friends.

"How is it you manage to hold on to so much positivity?" she asked.  "We've seen some horrible shit the last couple of weeks, enough to make most people believe nothing good will ever find us again, but somehow you can still hope for the best.  Will always looks to the future for things to turn around, but you see it in the moment.  I don't get it."
            Thom smiled and bobbed his head.  "It's a choice I make every morning.  It's either that or accept that everything is as shit as it seems, but then what would be the point of doing anything?"
            Venn thought of the wife he had lost due to fever, how he'd chosen to leave his men and his country in an effort to save them, and his smile amazed her.
            "You don't think it'll make it that much harder to lose it all, if it comes to it?  Detachment doesn't seem safer?"
            "Safer?  Sure.  Absolutely," he said.  When he peeked behind him towards Remy, that warm smile spread across his face again.  "But safe isn't living.  If I were struck down tomorrow, I could say I made the most of my experience here."
            Venn followed his gaze and arched a brow.  "You don't think you're making it harder on yourself?"
            Thom brought his attention back to her.  "She's intelligent, clever, funny - a bright spot in this growing darkness.  How is that harder?  Find something bright to hold onto, Venn.  It'll keep you from being swept away by the darkness."

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