Thursday, October 22, 2015

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Enemy of Darkness

Enemy of Darkness
By: E.R. Mayobanex

Genre: Horror, Occult
Publisher: E.R. Mayobanex
Publication date: 10.20.2015
Pages: 95

A determined psychiatrist secretly investigates a series of sacrificial killings only to find himself fighting against a murderous cult of the supernatural kind, which is led by a sadistic demon known as the Stranger.

About the author:
I'm E.R. Mayobanex, a horror fiction author who has written the intriguing novella, Enemy of Darkness.  I'm currently working on my next supernatural horror novella, a chilling ghost story titled, Flickers of the Dead.  I'm fascinated by the utter strangeness of the supernatural, which I'm compelled to write into my fiction.  I can be found on Twitter.

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