Thursday, October 22, 2015


The Elf
By: I. Clayton Reynolds

Genre: Christmas, Horror, Short Story
Publisher: The Pumpkhin Press
Publication date: 12.1.2014
Pages: 10

Date read: 10.17.2015

This was a pretty good little story.  It reminded me a lot of that creepy little Elf on the Shelf and, after speaking to the author about his muse, I found out he did have that little guy in mind when he wrote this story.  In this scenario, the Elf is best friends with the little boy of the family, but the mother is a little wary of him, especially when she starts seeing shadows and things are moved.  The end went a little different than I expected, and in a good way.  But, as usual with me when I read a short story, I was left wanting just a little bit more. 

About the book:
A wooden elf Christmas decoration found in a box begins to reveal sinister secrets to a blind girl and her family.

About the author:
I. Clayton Reynolds is an author of horror, suspense, and the supernatural.  He studied Anthropology, Psychology, and History at the University of Texas and Iowa State University and gained extensive knowledge of legends and beliefs from around the world and deep into the past.  His research has helped him to understand how, and why, frightening legends and cautionary horror tales have developed throughout the human past.  clayton grew up in the oak forests of North Central Texas, spending much of his childhood exploring the woods, landforms, indigenous traces, and empty homes scattered through the countryside, looking for the spirits that haunt the land.  He now lives in Central Iowa with his family.  In his free time, he creates experimental electrical guitar circuitry to expand tone options.  Clayton is a reader, a writer, a musician, and a graphic artist.  He works to support people with intellectual disabilities in Central Iowa.

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