Monday, October 26, 2015

REVIEW: Find the Blood Signs

Find the Blood Signs
By: Chris Garrett

Genre: Horror
Publication date: 10.26.2015
Pages: 34

Recommended by: Read 2 Review
Date read: 10.25.2015

I first experienced this author when I reviewed his book, The Stupid Nerdy Notebook, earlier this year.  I enjoyed his writing skills, so when he told me that he was sending me his latest work, a short story - and before anyone else was getting it - I was super psyched.

This is a story about a detective named Adrian Moss.  He has moved to a new home, starting over after his family was murdered, but his thoughts of them - and his want, and need, to find out who did it - keep him investigating what happened to them.  He is SURE that it was the work of a satanic cult, but as the story goes on, he finds some dark secrets.  It seems that some doors should stay closed.

I really enjoyed this.  Some good descriptions, an unexpected twist, an ending that threw me for a loop.  And I am still thinking about it a day later.  Having only experienced poetry from him before, I must say that his first venture into short stories was quite good.  I hope to find more from him on my Kindle in the future.  

I do want to warn the grammar nazis that this may not be for them.  Chris is a great writer, but he seems to have a problem with punctuation, an allergy that I hope he will get help with soon.  It's a short little read and, if you can look past this medical condition of his, I'm sure it's something you will enjoy.

About the book:
Adrian Moss is a Detective who lost his family to a serial of murders.  As he tries to escape his past, it soon catches up with him.  He believes the murders are the work of a cult who hope to go to a satanic meeting ground known as Hell House.  Adrian finds the blood signs in each case hoping to find the murderer, but finds a dark secret instead.

About the author:
Being the last surviving child on Elm Street, Chris Garrett is a natural storyteller, delivering nerve pounding tales of hope, heart break and moshpits since 2004.  He is an independent author and freelance comic book writer.  His work includes the teen angst zine and poetry series The Stupid Nerdy Notebook and has scripted short comics for Scairy Tales Publishing based out of Atlanta.  He is also the co-creator of The Finleys characters and comics, along with J.R. Mounts that will be printed in 2015 by Scairy Tales Publishing.  When not writing or being with family, Chris enjoys eating brains and crawling out of graves in local cemeteries.

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