Thursday, October 22, 2015

REVIEW: GodBomb!

By: Kit Power

Genre: Horror
Publisher: Sinister Horror Company
Publication date: 9.14.2015
Pages: 190

Recommended by: Read 2 Review
Date read: 10.17.2015

I have been a fan of Kit Power for awhile now, reading everything he has written on Ginger Nuts of Horror, so when the author approached me about reviewing his book, there was no way that I was going to say no.  

You know when you just get a FEELING about a book and you just KNOW you are going to love it.  That's how I felt about GodBomb!  And I was not disappointed.

From the very first page, I was sucked into this wonderfully crazy story that kept me hooked, and I found myself losing sleep, reading late into the night.  The way he wrote the story made me feel like I was part of it, like I was there in this building watching the events unfurl - I caught myself gasping, and noticed that there were moments where my heart was beating quickly and I was in a bit of a panic.  I literally HAD to find out if we were going to survive - and that says a lot about the skill this guy has.

There were so many twists in this story, things that I just did not expect, from many of the characters, and the ending was nothing like I anticipated.  Nothing.  And that made it even more amazing because, every time I thought I had a handle on the situation, the situation changed.

When I finished the book, I put down my Kindle and just sat there for a few minutes trying to take it all in.  And I'm still thinking about the book.

To say that I am TOTALLY impressed by this would be an understatement.  If this is the kind of stuff that Kit is going to put out, then he definitely has a fan for life.

About the book:
Somebody wants answers.

North Devon, England.  1995.  A born-again revival meeting in a public building.  The usual mix of the faithful, the curious, and the desperate.  And one other - an atheist suicide bomber.  He's angry.  He wants answers.  And if God doesn't come and talk to him personally, he's going to kill everyone in the building...

About the author:
Kit Power lives in Milton Keynes, England, and insists he's fine with that.  His short fiction has been widely submitted, and occasionally published, including in Splatterpunk magazine, The At Hell's Gate anthology series, and most recently by The Sinister Horror Company as part of The Black Room Manuscripts anthology.  Hi short story collection A Warning About Your Future Enslavement That You Will Dismiss as a Collection of Short Fiction: Not a Novel: Novel will be released by Double Life in October 2015.  Those of you who enjoy near-professional levels of prevarication are invited to check out his blog.
            He is also the lead singer and chief lyricist for legendary rock band The Disciples of Gonzo, who have thus far managed to avoid world-conquering fame and fortune, though it's clearly only a matter of time.

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