Thursday, October 22, 2015


By: I. Clayton Reynolds/Isaac LeFevre

Genre: Horror, Novella
Publication date: 1.6.2013
Pages: 161

Date read: 10.17.2015

This was a really good story, which reminded me, in some ways, of the movie Rose Red.  Not any specifics, really, but just the flow of it, and the way it felt.  

A married young woman moves into her beautiful new home, and the one thing she wants is Ivy climbing up one of the outside walls like she had on a home when she was a child, but her husband refuses to allow that.  To compromise, she gets a room of her own inside the house, with walls that reach all the way up to the roof, and on either side of the fireplace, ivy will grow.  Everything is going perfectly and they are living a happy life together, until the dark stormy day that the ivy is planted.  After that, things begin to go wrong...

I really enjoyed the story and the characters in it.  There are a few unexpected twists, and an ending I really enjoyed, with lots of action and definitely some frights.  The way the author wrote the story really helps the reader to get into Ivy's head and to understand just how she felt as the story went on.

About the book:
Ivy had a poor, but happy, childhood in depression-era Ohio until the economy forced a family to move from her childhood home.  Many years later, she is married, happy, and prosperous.  The only thing missing, it seems, is a little piece of the happiness she found in her childhood.  Her husband wants to give her this dream.  When a mysterious man comes to the door to deliver, she believes her life is finally fulfilled.  But she finds her dream slowly becoming a nightmare as the new addition starts to slowly take over her life and threatens to take away everything she has.  Leftover's novella begs some questions.  Can we get back our past, and if so, can we ever really be rid of it?

About the author:
I. Clayton Reynolds is an author of horror, suspense, and the supernatural.  He studied Anthropology, Psychology, and History at the University of Texas and Iowa State University and gained extensive knowledge of legends and beliefs from around the world and deep into the past.  His research has helped him to understand how, and why, frightening legends and cautionary horror tales have developed throughout the human past.  clayton grew up in the oak forests of North Central Texas, spending much of his childhood exploring the woods, landforms, indigenous traces, and empty homes scattered through the countryside, looking for the spirits that haunt the land.  He now lives in Central Iowa with his family.  In his free time, he creates experimental electrical guitar circuitry to expand tone options.  Clayton is a reader, a writer, a musician, and a graphic artist.  He works to support people with intellectual disabilities in Central Iowa.

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