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THE GAL'S 31 DAYS OF HORROR: Trista Borgwardt

I am so excited about getting to share this with all of y'all today, and have been since Trista suggested this for her guest post spot - a short story written just for y'all, being shared only here on The Gal in the Blue Mask.  Enjoy!!  I know I did.

All Hallow's Horror
By Trista M. Borgwardt

Chapter One

"What would you like to be this year?" Mira asked her daughter.
            "Maybe like a princess, or a fairy or that!  Mommy I want to be that!"
            Mira looked at what her five year old daughter was so excited over and her face fell with dread.  She had pointed to a 'She-Devil' costume.  Imperia had enough problems and the last thing Mira wanted to do was encourage her "tantrums," as they called them, by letting her dress up as a red devil.
            "Oh, Imperia...hey, look at this!  You would look so beautiful!"  Mira pointed to a pearly pastel princess dress with a beaded heart in the center of the chest and a matching crown.  She even spotted some plastic high-heel shoes with a giant heart gem on top of the strap.
            Imperia looked at it as though her mom was crazy.  "NO!  I want that!" she screamed.  She had already spotted the perfect costume and she didn't understand why her mom was trying to force something else on her.  She looked back and forth between the two costumes and a heat began to rise in her body.
            Mira noticed the change in her daughter and quickly picked up the 'She-Devil' costume and matching red boots and ushered her daughter to the check out.
            "Please Imperia," she pleaded with her.
            Her daughter gazed up at her, fire illuminating her irises.  She held her eyes for several moments and then Imperia smiled, and the flames disappeared as she yanked the costume from her mother's grasp and started humming a cheery tune.
            Mira knew that she shouldn't have given in and purchased the hideous costume, however it was better than the alternative.  At least the costume store was still standing.  She knew Dean would be pissed; they were trying to help Imperia control her powers, and this costume was definitely not a signal of control, but more a signal of kinship and familiarity.  She had to be a child of the devil, there was no other explanation.  God surely would not have borne such a creature.
            Once Imperia was loaded into the car and the costume tucked safely in the back, Mira leaned on the back of the car sighing.  She wasn't sure how much more she could take.  Each passing day was getting more painful, and most days she found herself wishing that her daughter would set herself on fire.  Then she felt guilty for thinking that.  This was her child, her flesh and blood.  She would care for her always.

"Hey ladies!  Did you miss me?" Dean called out as he crossed the threshold, setting his briefcase on the small table in the entryway.
            "Daddy!" Imperia yelled running down the stairs and jumping into his arms.  If Imperia had control over anyone, it was her father.
            "How was your day sweetie?  Did you find a costume to go trick or treating with tomorrow?"
            "Yup daddy!  Imma be a devil!"
            Daddy paused in his tracks and looked to Mira, who cast her eyes downward.  She was a plain woman of average height.  She had long blonde hair and sparkling green eyes, although even he had noticed the dullness that now resided in her worn eyes.  She looked up at him giving a quick shake of her head and he knew at that point there was no sense arguing.  Rather than discuss this in front of Imperia and risk losing the house, he thought it better to wait until she was asleep to confront his wife.
            "I made meatloaf for dinner.  It's on the table," Mira said, leading them through the kitchen to the dining room to have a nice family dinner.

Mira stood staring at her husband.  He looked as exhausted as she felt.  He was a tall man, with a broad build.  He had been a football player in high school and could've had a full athletic scholarship to the school of his choosing, but an unfortunate "accident" on the field during homecoming put  him out for most of the season his senior year.  He was now an accountant at a prestigious company and brought home more than enough money to take care of his family.
            "Mira, you know we can't give into her tantrums."
            "I know, Dean.  What did you want me to do?  If anyone finds out what she is capable of, the government will surely take her away and experiment on her.  She was about to throw a tantrum.  I could see the fire in her eyes."
            "It's just...sigh...I don't even know what to do anymore.  Maybe if someone finds out...maybe they could help."
            "Do you really believe that?  Do you really think they would help?  I think they would experiment and torture her," Mira shot back.
            "Sometimes...I just don't care anymore."
            With that, Dean left the bedroom to get ready for bed.  Mira crawled under the covers of their queen size bed and began to cry.  She cried because his words hurt.  This was their daughter.  She also cried because she knew exactly how he felt.

Chapter Two

"All preparations for this evening are in place," Seripius told Varus.
            "Excellent.  And The Professor?"
            "Is full of undue excitement."
            "Perfect."  Varus clapped his hands together in sophisticated pleasure.
            Varus was a deeply handsome man, with a square masculine jaw, shaggy black hair as deep as the darkest night.  He was muscular and a well-built man, while Seripius was the opposite.  He was a lanky, pale man with unattractive brown hair.  He was also the second in command to Varus and known as quite the ruthless sadist.
            "Round up the scouting team and bring me the seers.  We must begin preparing.  At dusk, the veil will thin enough for The Professor to make his appearance."
            "Yes, Varus."
            Seriupius briskly left the room and Varus began placing candles on the dirt floor.  After placing three black candles, he used the Videns Dagger to slice his hand.  His blood ran onto the ground as he changed in a lost language, and connected each candle tot he other to form a triangle.  As he completed the ritual, the seers were brought in; Magda, Maya and Malia, otherwise known as the Triplets.  They were not related by blood, but they looked identical.  They were all of olive complexions with dark curly hair hanging down to their waist.  All three had wide green eyes and wore black, baggy satin pants with a strip of cloth covering their breasts.  A golden see through veil covered their faces, all but their eyes.
            Varus motioned for them to take their positions by each of their receptive candles: location, person, power.  Each one of the Triplets had a different ability of what they could 'see'.  This came in handy on scouting nights, especially when they could pin down the person, location and power.  For now, they would prepare for the evening and try to pin down the most powerful "hot spot" they could.
            He left them to prepare and went into his bed chamber to begin his own ritual.  It wouldn't be long and he had a feeling that this Halloween would prove to be one of such benefit.  His body was riddled with anxious excitement.  It was always a dark treat to watch the havoc the demon reaped and the treasures he would find.
            Magda, Maya and Malia sat cross-legged behind their candles and began to chant.  Their focus right now was on finding hidden power spots in the hopes that these would lead to children with powers.  Every year they performed the same ritual for Varus; some years were successful and others were not.  Varus' rage was exacting when they failed him and neither one of them wanted to spend the next year being tortured and locked in the dungeon.  They would only be let out once Halloween night was upon them the following year, and they all valued their freedom too much.  It had been several years since they had failed him and they didn't want to this year.
            "Here," Maya said as she pulled the other seers into her vision.  Maya was the seer of power, Magada was the seer of location, and Malia was the seer of people.
            "Yes," the other two said in unison.
            They had found a hidden spot in a small town and that would be the first place they would send the demon.  This one radiated a heat that signified someone powerful was residing there.  Maya had found the power and Magda pinned down its location.  They prepared the town in their minds; they would communicate it telepathically with The Professor so that he could cross the veil at this point.
            Varus returned dressed in a crimson velvet robe with his hood up to shadow his features.  Serepius stood next to him in a black velvet robe.  The seers waited as the rest of the Order of Orphineus gathered around and formed a circle around them.  Apprehension filled the seers, as it usually did; fear of failure and torture left them with an extreme worry of their knowledge and powers.  They pleaded with their powers to help them make it through the night and to deliver new children to Varus.
            "We shall begin.  Contact The Professor," Varus demanded, and the seers complied.
            "The Professor has crossed the veil," the seers all said at once.  They were connected as one unit now, and would remain that way until their job was complete.
            "Let the festivities begin."  Varus began his own chant so that they could connect with The Professor and see things as he did.  They enjoyed the mayhem that he caused, and found it suitable entertainment for the night.

Chapter Three

"Are you ready, sweetheart?" Mira asked her daughter.
            Imperia nodded her head yes.  She was dressed up in her red devil costume complete with a tail and pitchfork.  Mira had spent the time painting Imperia's face red with some black around her eyes and black lipstick.  She even used some of the temporary hair dye so that her hair was bright red to match her costume.  If Imperia had been a normal girl, she would have made an adorable little devil.
            "Yes, mommy and daddy.  Let's go get some candy!" Imperia shouted with true excitement.
            Seeing Imperia smile with such happiness in her eyes always made Dean and Mira feel like normal parents.  They were filled with a happiness of their own for the moment and wanted to savor it. Imperia picked up her red pumpkin bucket and they set out the door.
            The first house they went to was Mrs. Jones; she was an older later in her 60s.  She opened the door to her house with a candy bucket in her arms.  Imperia looked up at her and said, "Trick or treat!"
            Mrs. Jones squealed with delight.  "My oh my!  Aren't you just the cutest little devil ever!"
            Mrs. Jones scooped a handful of candy into Imperia's bucket while her parents thought to themselves...'if only you knew!'  It seemed Imperia's costume was a hit, as the next several houses they attended produced the same response.  Everyone thought she was the most adorable devil ever. Imperia ate up all the compliments with a cute smile and a 'thank you' to everyone.  They had only made it halfway down the block and her bucket was already half full.
            "I don't think we'll need to go around the entire block.  Look at all this candy," Dean chuckled.
            "Yes we will, daddy!  I want more candy!"
            "I know, sweetie, but soon our bucket will be full," he reasoned.
            "Then empty it so I can fill it again!"
            "Dean," Mira cautioned.  She saw the change in her daughter.
            Neither one of them saw the child standing across the street staring at them, blood dripping from his treat bag.  He continued to watch as they walked to a house, where they were only inside for a few short minutes, and then resumed trick or treating.  The Professor turned the other direction and continued on his way.

Chapter Four

The Professor flew into the first kid he could find outside the veil.  It was a little girl, around 3 or 4, in a unicorn costume.  He giggled a little as he thought of a little unicorn wreaking havoc on the town.  The mom was tugging on his arm, so he looked up at her.  She was obviously in a hurry and kept saying, "Come on, Amanda.  We need to hurry."  The little girl, now pushed to the back so that the demon was in control of her body, was scared and didn't want to go home.  He didn't know why, and didn't really care, but he sensed a dislike of her mom, so he decided to unleash on the mother.
            He pulled his hand away from the mom and as she went to grab him again, he grabbed her hand and bit down as hard as he could.  The mom jerked her hand back, tearing flesh, and she looked down at her daughter in anger.
            "What the hell is wrong with you?" she screamed.
            "You're a stupid bitch," The Professor replied in the little girl's voice.
            "What?" the mom asked in disbelief, kneeling down so that she was face to face with her daughter.
            The Professor took the treat bucket he was holding and slammed it into her face, knocking her to the ground.  He climbed on top of her and continued to slam it into her face; plastic shards lacerated her face, and pierced deeply in the rage filled attack.  He continued until the bucket was too broken to do it anymore.  He got up and continued walking until he found his next victim: an 8-year-old boy in some kind of knight costume.  He jumped into his body and left behind a scared little girl who went running back to her mom, crying.
            "Come on, Joey," a boy dressed as an army commando said to The Professor.
            He turned and looked at this kid and punched him square in the nose with a force much greater than an 8-year-old child would be capable of.  As the boy held his bleeding nose crying, one of their other friends came over and asked what his problem was.  This earned the ninja a solid kick to the groin.  The Professor picked up both of their candy buckets and dumped them over their bodies as they lay on the ground groaning in pain.  He laughed maniacally as he took off running.  So far, he had not discovered any children with powers, so he must continue his search.  As long as he proved himself useful to the Order, they would continue to let him out to cause destruction on Halloween night.
            He saw his next victim.  A small child, about 5-years-old, in a ghost costume.  It really did look like this child just had a white sheet pulled over him with two holes cut out for the eyes.  He was all alone; he must have some brave parents.  The child was getting ready to walk up to a door and so the demon slipped into his body.  The Professor reached up and rang the doorbell.  An elderly woman opened the door with a candy bowl in her arms.
            "My, you do make a cute ghost."
            "Trick or Treat," The Professor replied.
            The woman reached into her candy bowl and, as she went to drop the candy into his bucket, he grabbed her arm.  The woman looked at him, baffled by his strength.  Small bubbles formed on the child's skin and black tendrils protruded from them.  They swirled and snaked around, settling on the woman's wrist.  The tips of the tendrils embedded themselves into the woman's arm, causing her to wail in pain.
            The black ropes began tearing the flesh from her bone, carving underneath it, to ensure it all peeled off.  Blood was dripping onto the doorway as the slow and painful process continued up her arm.  The tendrils were like an apple peeler, peeling the skin off to reveal what was underneath.  Once the snakes reached her elbow, a heap of flesh fell upon the ground and the black ropes twisted around her elbow and squeezed tight until the forearm separated and fell to the ground.
            Blood was rushing out of the separated limb and The Professor laughed in such pleasure.  The old lady fell to the ground as she passed out from blood loss.  It wouldn't be long until she was dead.  The poor little boy's ghost costume was no longer white, but splattered with red.  He was now the massacre ghost.  With this, the demon did quite a bit more laughing as he walked to find his next target.
            Halloween was so vilely enjoyable.  Playing with these little humans and making them do revolting things!  Unfortunately for them, these children could see everything that was happening while they were possessed and would remember it all.  Some would grow up insane and others would grow up continuing on the path this demon just set before them.
            Elated after spilling so much blood, the demon spotted another little boy about 7-years-old.  He was dressed as a police officer.  He was with a group of kids, but it wouldn't be difficult to separate them.  He took over the boy's body and slowly moved away from the group.
            The demon spotted something; a blink of light around one little boy.  He began to follow him and made sure to contact the seers to make sure they saw it too.  The little boy couldn't be more than two and was riding on his dad's shoulders.  There was a blinking light that emanated from him every few minutes.  The Professor didn't know what it was, but he knew it meant there was something special about this boy.  He followed them until they went inside an apartment building, and then he continued on his path of destruction.
            He rounded the corner, heading back to the busy part of the neighborhood, when he spotted a group of teenagers walking toward him.  There were five of them and the street was otherwise empty at the moment.  This could mean some serious fun.
            "Hey turdwad.  Give us your candy," the leader of the group yelled.
            Surveying the group, the demon wasn't sure if the teenager was dressed up, or if he always dressed as a gangster wannabe.  His pants were so baggy, he wouldn't be able to run, and his shoes weren't tied on his feet, but were loosely laced with the laces stuck in the side.  He wore a gold chain around his neck and a baseball cap turned to one side.
            "Nooooo," the demon screamed in a hellish resonating voice unlike anything a child could make.
            The possessed child's eyes started to glow an evil red, and blackness leaked from his ears, nose, mouth, and began to build up surrounding him.  The leader of the teenage gang looked scared, but didn't dare show his followers, so he laughed.  The blackness pulsated before it flew forward into him, ripping through him.  The black of the demon yanked his soul from his body, and they now stood behind where his body slumped to the ground.  The black enveloped this boy's soul, bringing it down to the ground.  The struggle was swift, and the teenager's soul seemed to scream without making a sound.  The terror emanated from the soul as it was sucked into the black nothingness.
            The other teenagers stood terrified.  Unable to believe their eyes, they were frozen in place, until the demon's blackness began chasing them anyway.  He would knock into one of them, knocking them tot he ground, and then lunge after another one.  Once they were all gone, the black mist returned to the child's body that he was currently possessing.
            "On second thought, have the damned candy," the demon hissed at the dead teenager.  "I'd rather this."
            He removed the dead boy's head and placed it into his treat bag.  It was time for more Trick or Treating.  He hummed a little ditty as he continued down the street.  He saw a house with their outside light on, the classic signal that meant you had candy to hand out.  He walked up to the door and rang the doorbell.
            A man in his early thirties opened the door.  He was dressed in a vampire costume, equipped with fake fangs and all.  His long black cape with the stiff collar accented his look.
            "Trick or Treat!" the demon said, opening his bag to reveal the severed head inside.
            "Wow, that's a great prop!"  He turned his head inside.  "Hey, hun!  You have to come see this!" he yelled for someone in the house.  "Where's all your candy?" he asked with a grin.
            "You are my candy," the demon growled in response.
            The demon dropped his treat bag and grabbed the guy's left arm.  He snapped it off at the elbow and took the protruding end of the bone and shoved it into his chest, puncturing his heart.  Trickles of real blood escaped from his mouth as he fell backwards onto the floor.  The Professor snapped off his fingers and added them to his treat bag.
            About this time, a lovely looking woman rounded the corner.  She spotted her husband on the ground and opened her mouth to let out a horrifying scream.  The Professor leaped several feet towards her, reached into her open mouth, and ripped her tongue out.  She held her hands up to her bleeding mouth while the demon grabbed a handful of candy and jumped on her, knocking her to the ground.  He began shoving handful after handful of candy into her mouth and down her throat while screaming "Trick or Treat" with each one.  Once her airway was effectively blocked, the demon watched while her body twitched and she suffocated.
            After she had left the mortal earth, he plucked out her eyeballs with the fingers of her dead husband, picked her tongue up off the ground, and added them to the treat bag.  He left that house feeling good about how this Halloween had gone so far.  He carried his bag full of bloody goodies, leaving drops of blood in his path.  As he passed other Trick or Treaters, he would knock their candy buckets from their hands, stick out his leg to trip them, or just jab them in the side.  He continued on his way despite their protests.
            He stopped as he spotted a little girl across the street.  She was mad at her parents; he could feel the anger rising from her.  Flames were dancing around her body and he contacted the seers.  He watched as they went into a house and then came back out a few minutes later.  Once he was sure that the seers had all that they needed, he went about his way, looking for more victims to possess.

Varus was ecstatic!  He had two kids to bring into his compound.  One that for sure had some kind of fire power, and one that was an unknown.  Those were his favorite.  Plus, if the kid proved to have no power, he could always use more servants.  The entire Order was also enjoying this evening's mayhem.  The Professor was always so wicked when let out to play.  The violence and destruction was  never disappointing and was in itself worth every moment of waiting.
            Varus took a few moments to break away from the group to begin preparations for their trip tomorrow.  The would leave as soon as dawn came, so that they could snatch these kids up before they had lost sight of them.  The seers would not join them unless there were complications with locating them.
            "All preparations are made.  What an eventful Halloween."

Chapter Five

Varus sent Seripius with two other men to capture the little boy, and he would personally go after the little girl.  Varus was confident he could win this girl over on his own, so he did not take any backup.  He did have a couple of guys on standby, waiting.  He didn't think force would be necessary.  After what he had seen of her last evening, he was sure he could convince her to come with him.
            He had been standing watch outside of her house for several hours when the whole family came walking out.  Varus followed them as they went to the local grocery store.  Everything seemed normal while they were walking through the aisles picking out different items.  Something changed when Imperia spotted a doll that she wanted.
            "Please!" the little girl begged, hugging the doll tight.
            "No, Imperia.  You do not need any more dolls.  Now put it back," her dad said, and he walked away from her with her mom following, but looking back nervously.  
            The parents rounded the corner in an effort to make her listen and follow them, and Varus took the opportunity to approach the girl.
            "Imperia?" he questioned, and she turned to look at him.
            "You want this doll?"
            "Yes," she responded with excitement.
            "Then I need you to do something for me," he replied, holding the doll.
            Varus quickly gave her instructions of what she needed to do and walked away from her, doll in hand, just as her mother came back and told her to hurry up.

When they arrived home, Imperia was still in a foul mood because she didn't get the doll she wanted, so she went up to her room to pout.  All through supper, she'd had little to say, and Mira and Dean were worried.  They were happy they were able to make it thus far without an incident, and they had been careful not to bring up the doll.  They were hoping she would forget about it, but as soon as they crossed the threshold, she had told them how mean they were for not buying it.
            Mira and Dean decided that they needed to go check on her and make sure everything was okay.  What they saw made them spring into action.  Smoke was rolling out from underneath Imperia's bedroom door.  All at once there was a sense of relief, along with a sense of worry and guilt.  Mira had been having these thoughts lately, and the guilt would eat her alive if her daughter truly had set herself on fire.
            They raced through the doorway, yelling Imperia's name.  They couldn't find her anywhere.  She wasn't under her bed, or in it.  She wasn't in her closet, or hiding behind her dresser.  It was her dollhouse that was on fire and they needed to act quickly.
            "Mira, get out of the house.  I am going for the fire extinguisher.  Call 911," Dean shouted.
            They turned to leave the room and saw Imperia standing in the doorway.  They both froze, unsure of the moment of what to say.  Mira recovered quickly, though, and thanked God as she ran towards Imperia.
            "There is no God," Imperia said as she slammed the door shut.
            Mira and Dean raced to the door, but couldn't open it.  It seemed to be locked from the outside.  Dean ran to the window and tried to open it.  It wouldn't budge.  He pounded on the glass and then picked up Imperia's doll crib and rammed it into the glass.  The flames were getting closer and the smoke was making them cough and gag.  Dean realized it was no use and went back to Mira. They got down on the floor beside the bed, keeping as low to the ground as possible.  They soon passed out from smoke inhalation, and then the flames overtook them.
            Imperia walked slowly towards the stairs.  She traced the wall as she went, leaving a trail of flames under the wake of her fingertips.  Once she reached the stairs, she held the banister as she went down, and looked up at the family pictures hanging on the wall.  The flames ignited under her final gaze.  She glanced into the living area, and the couch blazed with a life of its own.  She smiled as she went out the front door.
            Varus stood in the driveway waiting for her, with the doll she wanted in his arms.  She ran towards him, jumping into his arms, and he handed her the doll.  They turned and walked away as the flames spit from the house.  Sirens sounded in the distance, while Varus and Imperia disappeared into the night.

To see more of Imperia or the Order of Orphineus, check out Polarity by Trista M. Borgwardt, available on Amazon.

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            My whole life, or at least since I was able to read, I have been an avid reader.  I have read so many books, and am that person that will re-read a book 50 times and still enjoy it.  I read several different genres, but mainly horror, thriller, suspense, mystery, supernatural and psychological thrillers.  However, I have read several other books outside of these categories and have enjoyed them.  I try not to limit myself and try to keen an open mind because that is where the adventure begins.
            After high school, I decided to go to college.  I had always wanted to be a nurse from the time I was a little girl, and it was still an interesting career field for me. So, I did attend nursing school and graduated with a Bachelor's in Nursing and currently work as a Registered Nurse.  I have always wanted to help people, and no matter where I find myself, or what I am doing, I always want to be able to find a way to help people.  I am currently enrolled in a Master's Degree program for nursing so that I can further my education.
            I have always had a passion for writing, and remember filling a couple of notebooks with a vampire story I wrote in middle school.  The notebooks have long since gone missing, which is a bummer because I really would like to look back on it now and see in detail what that first was about.  I have also written several poems which I have compiled into a book titled The Darkest Light and it is also available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle formats.

            My first novel, Rabbit's Feet was written right after I graduated from writing school.  It took several years of editing before I was finally satisfied with it enough to release it.  I immediately went to work on Polarity and now I am working on the third book in the supernatural/horror series, The Tempie Rosenthal Series.  All my books are currently found on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback format.

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