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When I contacted the authors about this Halloween event here on The Gal, I gave them all the choice of interview, guest post, or both.  A lot of people chose guest post, even after they found out that I was giving them the room to write WHATEVER they wanted, as long as it had something to do with Halloween or Horror.
            After several emails back and forth between us, Kurt and I decided that the following poem would be PERFECT.  This (and a short story that I was lucky enough to read before it's publication somewhere in the future) were my first look at the writings of this author - and he has definitely gained a fan.  So sit back and enjoy...

"Bulkhead Doors"
Kurt Schuett

Entrance and exit,
Earnestly beseeching both the legged and un-legged,
All considered invitees to
Its subterranean underbelly.

A world within a world
For both a girl and a boy,
Employees by day
And tourists by night.

A trail of blight and decay
Gleefully escorting the pair,
Products of incubus with
Death tattooing its walls.

A fusion of
Folly and phantom,
A single crack running its course
While thirsty tributaries collectively lick its walls.

Solomon's demons
Didn't build this temple,
This shrine forged entirely through
Questionable deeds.

Altars torn down while
Infancy tainted and muddied,
From the innermost sanctum
Innocence permanently vanquished.

And all that was left of the pilgrimage
A girl and a boy,
Earnestly beseeching
Their shrine.

About the author:
Upon graduating from high school, Kurt Schuett won the Gwendolyn Brooks Award for Poetry in 1993; this honor, coupled with professional publicaiton in The American Goat literary anthology in 1993 with "The First Time," and Harmony literary magazine, where he won the esteemed Guy Cooper Poetry award for "Tree House Blues," all fueled the realization that Kurt could and should write, dabbling in everything from poetry and short works of fiction to professional essays and lengthier works of fiction during and after his college years.  He completed his undergraduate in English at Culver-Stockton College before tackling a Masters of Education at Graceland University.  Currently, he is entering his eighteenth year as an educator, formerly as a German instructor and presently as a high school English teacher, working in the suburbs of Chicago.  He lives in the northern suburb of Libertyville, Illinois.
            Kurt recently published a Southern Gothic ghost story called "Calamity James" in the Belle Reve Literary Journal, a work that was nominated for the Pushcart Prize.  In addition, two of his poems, "A Response to Charles Bukowski: Yes I'm Drinking Today" and "The Bohemian Waitress" were featured in the 69th edition of the Burningword Literary Journal.  Kurt's short story "The Lasat Supper Redux" (also published in Sanitarium #19) will be the top-slot in an upcoming anthology launching this fall, highlighting local Chicago horror writers.  His short piece of flash fiction "Dibs" was a top-slot choice at Burial Day Books in 2014, and finally "Tall Boy," a short work of contemporary horror, headlined in Sirens Call Publications in December of 2013.
            Insurgency is Kurt Schuett's debut novel, a speculative work of fiction that encompasses elements of urban suspense, thriller, and horror.  This novel was released by Bad Day Books, an imprint of Assent Publishing, on August 2, 2014, in print and all e-book platforms.

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