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Don't Fear the Reaper Editor

Congratulations!  You wrote a novel!  Or maybe you wrote a novella or a short story.  Either way, you put a lot of time, tears and caffeine into that manuscript.  You want people to read it.  Before you send it out into the world, you need to send it to a professional editor.


We see what you're doing there.  No matter how many times you read your own work, the evil typo diary will hide errors from you.  An editor can spot things that can kill your chances of getting published.  They will crawl through your manuscript like manic spiders, catching typos, grammar and punctuation errors, and keeping your style consistent.  They also look for plot holes, dialogue issues, and continuity errors.
            Example: A group of friends take a vacation at a hunting lodge, blissfully aware of the mutant, man-eating bear that roams the area.  Early in the story, the description of the cabin includes a shotgun hanging over the fireplace with a dusty box of shells nearby.  When the bear starts munching on college kids, they bemoan the lack of a gun and die screaming.
            My note: "Ditch the gun, or use it."
            The author chose to keep the gun, but made it inoperable when it was needed most.  That rewrite ratcheted up the tension, improved the story, and got it published.
            Want to know a secret?  Editors who are also authors don't edit their own work.  They know they'll miss their own errors, even when they're trained to look for mistakes.

Cut the fat.  If you're trying to stay under a word count, trimming your prose can be tough.  If the guidelines give you a 10,000 word limit and your story is 10,300 words, no matter how much you try to trim it down, an editor can help you make the cuts without letting the story bleed out.
            Example: The story is a crime drama.  Halfway through the novella, we meet Hank Peterson.  Hank is hanging Christmas decorations and listening to the news.  The local police have no suspects in the case, and ask the public for any leads.  This scene is the only time we see Hank, and the only information that's useful is that it's December, and the police are clueless.  This is a prime target for a cut that will get the story under control.

An editor is not a ghostwriter.  Editors will correct simple errors, but when they find problems, like the example above, most will just call your attention to it.  Some may give you suggestions on how to handle the issue, but they're not going to rewrite that passage.  Ultimately, it's your voice, your story, and your style.  It's also your right to say, "Stet" to things you disagree with.
            Example: An author with a series of novels wrote a short story based in his series.  In one scene, I pointed out that a description of a building was far too detailed, and could be shortened.  The information wasn't relevant.  The author let me know that the building was a tie-in to the series, and it was an Easter egg for fans.  Well of course it can stay!  Since I hadn't read the series, I had no context, and the author provided it.

You may have heard scary things about what happens to your defenseless words when you send them away to someone else.  You know what?  The scariest part of deciding to hire an editor is actually hiring one.  Handing your carefully crafted manuscript and several hundred dollar bills to a stranger who might tell you to change everything is terrifying.
            Remember that the editor is on your side, they want you to succeed, and their reputation is as much on the line as yours.  Check out the acknowledgements in one of your favorite novels, and chances are good that the author has put in a good word for their editor.
            Do you know what scares us?  Reading a review that says, "I liked the story but I couldn't finish it.  There were too many typos and inconsistencies.  Who edited this crap?"

About the author:
S. Kay Nash was raised by a cabal of university professors, anthropologists, and librarians.  A fund raising professional by day, she writes short fiction and poetry.  She's an avid reader and bibliophile, and is managing editor at The Bookie Monster specializing in indie and small-press SF/F/H book reviews and news, and an editor for the At Hell's Gates anthology series.

About the books:

Genre: Horror, Anthology
Publication date: 9.21.2014
Pages: 273

When evil overflows from the deepest, fiery pits, the battle will be At Hell's Gates... Whether you are a zombie aficionado, or you feed on horror, there is something for everyone.  We've summoned some of the top Zompoc authors, masters in horror, and even some new talent to strike fear into even the most jaded soul.  Dare you look, let alone approach, the dreaded gates?
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It may be thicker than water, but AT HELL'S GATES the blood will flow like a river...
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            All proceedings from this horror anthology series go to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, a charity benefitting military veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury.  The authors, editors, and supporters of this series are pleased to donate their time and effort to our nation's proudest sons and daughters.

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