Sunday, October 11, 2015


I live.  I'm not sure how or why, but I do.  All those bullets piercing my body.  The pain was immense, but my rage kept me going.  I felt my organs shredded, but I endured.  My blood strangled me, but I advanced.
            They weren't going to hurt my family.
            One-by-one I tore them apart.  Their screams were a symphony.  Payback inflicted for their transgressions.  They had no idea what they faced.  I could see the fear in their eyes.  I could smell the fear seeping from their pores.
            Then the last one arrived just outside my lair.
            For a mere moment I thought I knew her.  Something told me she was a friend; then I realized just the opposite.  She was in league with those without form.  The shadows that torment me.  I needed to kill her and devour her flesh.
            I was too weak and near death.  She triumphed.
            How long was I dead?  Held by the darkness, eventually I returned to life.  The power of the wolf brought me back.  If death can't keep me; what can defeat me?  Nothing.  I may be beaten down and broken, but I will always return.
            A long time I rested, thought, and schemed.  I am much wiser now and will not make the same mistakes again.  Those pests of law enforcement will not find me so easily this time.  My trophies and food will be hidden away in a more appropriate manner.
            Now that I have regained my strength, it is time to begin again.
            My wrath will begin with the one that betrayed me with false friendship.  I will not come for her at first.  I will take those that she holds dear and rend them into bloody packages of trick or treat candy.  Since she sided with the shadows, I will show no mercy.
            Detective Coopwood, or shall I say ex-detective.  Will you be triumphant this time?
            Do not worry.  You will not be the only enemy I will taste.  All those years I was a mere human suckling off this putrid society, I came to hate many.  When I am finished devouring your flesh, I will pay each of the others a visit.  They are not safe.
            Are their children safe, I wonder?  Dressed up as monsters playing in the night.
            Perhaps.  The young aren't much sport.  Only appetizers for the feast to come.  I will decide when it's time.  Who knows what the beast wants when it can no longer control itself.  Maybe, just maybe, the beast wants you all and it will have what it wants.
            It is October, the month of Halloween.  That which you fear in the darkness will be stalking about just out of your sight.
            Beware.  I am near.

About the author:
From the bayous of Louisiana comes horror writer, Steven Bynum.  Born and raised near the swamp lands of the south, Bynum currently resides there with his family.  Asked about life in the Bayou, Steven states, "I'll probably be here until I die... maybe longer."
            The writer of numerous published novels, short novels, and short stories, Bynum now writes full time from his home deep in the  historical wetlands of Louisiana.
            He was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Security and uses this experience when detailing his work.  An equal fan of science fiction and tattoos, Bynum has creatively incorporated both into his life.

About the books:

The Deaders
Genre: Dystopian, Apocalyptic
Publisher: ATZ Publications
Publication date: 12.31.2014
Pages: 151

A mysterious fungus has been discovered in the upper atmosphere.  It seemed harmless ... until people started dying.  
            The US government came up with a plan to eradicate the alien fungus: release an anti-fungal agent into the atmosphere.  But instead of counteracting the fungus, something else happened.  Worldwide infection.  Infection that led to death ... then reanimation.
            Jacob, a survivor driven by vengeance, sets out on a colossal mission: He will reclaim the world from the Deaders or die trying...

Becoming the Beast 1: Becoming
Genre: Horror
Publisher: S.G. Bynum
Publication date: 3.13.2013
Pages: 90

A werewolf story, dealing with insanity, lycanthropy and the repercussions of both.

"When darkness falls all will cower in their homes.  They will seek a place to hide away from my gaze.  Every sound will be a pin prick to their psyche.  Every shadow will be something wicked prepared to devour them.  They will run as to escape the inevitable.  They will pray to the powers that be for deliverance, but they shall have none."

Becoming the Beast 2: The Beast
Genre: Horror
Publisher: S.G. Bynum
Publication date: 8.31.2015
Pages: 62

The death toll rises with the beast roaming free.  Its victims, now ghosts, seek help with the only person that can see them.  Detective Coopwood is on the case, but will she discover the truth of what lurks in the darkness before it's too late.
            Get ready for mayhem with the second short novel in the Becoming the Beast series.

Into Zombies 1: The Fall
Genre: Horror, Post-Apocalyptic
Publisher: S.G. Bynum
Publication date: 3.27.2013
Pages: 55

The apocalypse has arrived and all hell has broken loose.  People try to save themselves when they come across a little girl.  Her name is Eve and she may not be what she seems.
            Will anyone survive?

Into Zombies 2: After Fall
Genre: Horror, Post-Apocalyptic
Publisher: S.G. Bynum
Publication date: 4.25.2013
Pages: 50

Eve is up to her old tricks again, as Wyatt seeks his revenge.  Will the small group of survivors live through the zombies, radiation, and Eve?

Into Zombies 3: End Fall
Genre: Horror, Post-Apocalyptic
Publisher: S.G. Bynum
Publication date: 1.17.2014
Pages: 25

What's left of the group presses on to the mountain complex.  Inside the complex, everything is about to fall apart.  The final end is here.  Finish the journey of love, hate, revenge, and death.

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