Wednesday, December 2, 2015

REVIEW: Sentinels

By: Matt Manochio

Genre: Horror, Occult, Western
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Publication date: 11.3.2015
Pages: 274

Recommended by: Hook of a Book, Read 2 Review
Date read: 12.1.2015

I have been looking forward to this book, so when Erin approached me about being part of his blog tour, there was no way I could turn it down.  And it was well worth the wait.  I really enjoyed the story, holding my breath with anticipation from start to finish, and had the hardest time putting it down, reading late into the night.  The story has some great characters and, as always, Matt is on point with the pacing of the story - nothing ever seems rushed and the story plays out perfectly.  And the way he does fear - wow!  I was creeped out by several parts of the story, but the characters and events came back into my mind once the lights were off, creeping me out a second time - nicely done!  Definitely a must read.

There was just one problem, one that to others may not be a big deal, but to me became bothersome.  There were several errors throughout (missing words, not enough research on the way people spoke at the time, etc) and even though it didn't stop me from finishing the story, they did become irritating the further I got into the story.  To be honest, it was rather disappointing.  

About the book:
These are no ordinary killers.
            They don't distinguish between good and evil.  They just kill.  South Carolina's a ruthless place after the Civil War.  And when Sheriff's Deputy Noah Chandler finds seven Ku Klux Klansmen and two Northern soldiers massacred along a road, he cannot imagine who would murder these two diametrically opposed forces.
            When a surviving Klansman babbles about wraiths, and is later murdered inside a heavily guarded jail cell, Noah realizes something sinister stalks his town.  He believes a freed slave who's trying to protect his farm from a merciless land baron can help unmask the killers.  Soon Noah will have to personally confront the things good men must do to protect their loved ones from evil.

About the author:
Matt Manochio was born in 1975 in New Jersey and graduated from The University of Delaware in 1997 with a history/journalism degree.
            He spent the majority of his 13-year newspaper career at the Daily Record in Morris County, New Jersey, where he won multiple New Jersey Press Association Awards for his reporting.  He wrote about one of his passions, rock 'n' roll giants AC/DC, for USA Today and considers that the highest of his journalism career.
             He left newspapers in 2011 for safer employment, and currently lives in New Jersey with his son.

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