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REVIEW: Prince of Nightmares

Prince of Nightmares
By: John McNee

Genre: Horror, Occult
Publisher: Blood Bound Books
Publication date: 1.1.2016
Pages: 189

Recommended by: The Author, Read 2 Review
Date read: January 2016

A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to read John McNee's first book, GrudgePunk.  It was my first Bizarro book and, I must say, that was the day (because that's how long it took me to read it) that I fell in love with him.  Um... I mean... his writing (haha).  It was one of my top FOUR reads in 2013 and a book I have recommended to anyone who likes things... a bit out of the ordinary.

When I received an email from him asking if I would be interested in reading this novel, even though it is a different genre, I could not say yes fast enough. 

And now, having finished the book a little under a month ago, I finally feel like I am able to sit down and write this review.  (Anyone who follows my reviews knows that this is out of the ordinary for me, but I just felt I couldn't do it justice, not until today.)

McNee has a way with words that most authors do not have, and pulls you into his world from the first page.  His characters are different, but also familiar enough that you feel like you see bits and pieces of people you know in each one.  His storylines are creative and intriguing, which makes it very hard to put them down.  And every time you think you have a handle on the whole thing, something happens that quickly changes your mind.  His words stay with you long after you finish reading.  

This is far from a favorite book of 2016 (though it will definitely make the list).  It is a favorite book of my LIFETIME, and I've read a LOT of books.  

And this is where my problem writing the review begins.  I SO want to talk about every little thing that happened in this book - every "WOW!" moment - but I am the last person to give away the story for someone else, especially since I think this is a necessary read for all horror fans.  So I will hit on a few points and leave it at that... 

The setting is amazing - a haunted hotel that feeds you nightmares?!  (and I mean NIGHTMARES) - and the characters themselves made you hate and love them at the same time.  At first things seem very subdued, but as the story builds, and you get more information on each person involved, everything gets a little crazier... and more wonderful.  The final chapters - EPIC!  When the book ended, I sat there for awhile, trying to wrap my brain around everything that happened and get my heart to slow down and beat at a normal pace.

Horror is one of my favorite genres.  And McNee - one of my favorite authors.  I can't wait to see what he gives us next.

About the book:
Welcome to the Ballador Country House Hotel.  Nestled in the highlands of Scotland, it is unlike any other lodging.  Guests can expect wonderful scenery, gourmet food, and horrifying nightmares - guaranteed.  Daring travelers pay thousands to stay within the Ballador's infamous rooms because of the vivid and frightening dreams the accommodations inspire.
            Before Josephine Teverham committed suicide, she made a reservation at the hotel for her husband, Australian magnate Victor Teversham.  Once he arrives at the hotel, Victor finds himself the target of terrifying forces, revealing the nightmares and their purpose to be more strange, personal, and deadly than anyone could have guessed.

About the author:
John McNee is a writer of strange and disturbing horror stories, published in a variety of strange and disturbing anthologies.
            He is also the author of GrudgePunk, probably the only dieselpunk-bizarro-horror-noir anthology around.
            His first novel, Prince of Nightmares, was published on 1 January, 2016, by Blood Bound Books.
            He lives on the west coast of Scotland, where he works "in magazines."

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