Monday, August 8, 2016

The Gal Got Hacked...

I'm sure a lot of you are wondering what's been going on with me and why there have just been a few random posts, but nothing like the content that I used to have going on.

After moving here to Pennsylvania a little over a year ago, I've been having problems concentrating.  I can't honestly tell you what my issue is because even I haven't figured it out.  It could be that I have a whole lot of stress lifted off of my shoulders... or that I have all new stress piled up on those shoulders... or the fact that, at home, my room had dried eucalyptus in it (which helps a lot with concentration) and here I do not.  Maybe it's just being free to be me.  I'll keep you updated...

Add to that the fact that I am now a full time employee at Macy's.  Yup, decided to take my knowledge of clothing and retail and go big.  I was hired a few weeks ago to be a Specialist in Ladies' Ready-to-Wear.  More specifically: Alfani, Anne Klein, and a mixed area that has a couple of collections in it.

Then we come to the last couple of weeks...

I went to check my emails... only to find that they would not give me access to them.  I then tried to do something on my blog... and found I had no access to that either.

Not cool.

This happened the day after a fellow blogger (one I had never heard of before) left a comment on one of my posts about how I had inspired him to become a book blogger and he loved what I was doing.  In the comment was a link to his blog.  I accepted it (you have to go through me to post on my blog), but got sidetracked and never went and clicked on the link.  Later, I received an email from a fellow blogger that told me something about the link didn't look right, and I immediately deleted it.

After two days of not being able to access my emails or blog - but seeing that my blog and Google+ was still there - I finally received an email from gmail asking me to contact them at an 800 number.

After giving my name and the code that was in my email, the person I was speaking to let me know that they were not going to ask me for any personal information - other than my name, blog name, and email addresses - and had sent out the email to let me know what was happening with my account.

It seemed that the blogger was not really a blogger, but someone who was impersonating this blogger, and they had tried to hack my blog.  Not my emails.  Not my computer.  But my blog.

How strange?

And they thought so, too.

They even asked if I had anyone who was upset with me, someone that had threatened my blog or me as a blogger in any way, shape or form.

I didn't know how to reply.

A few people popped in my mind, but I wasn't about to name names without any proof, especially since I had to "clear my name" a few months ago when someone was telling untruths about me.

For a few more weeks, they allowed me on for small bits of time, but pretty much kept me off of it to ensure that no one was messing with it while they were dealing with the hack AND increasing security on everyone who uses Blogger's blogs.

Finally, I regained access to everything.

I don't think I have been that happy in a long time.  The stress and unhappiness of not having something that brings me such joy was really hard to take.

It also got me thinking... about how much The Gal means to me.

It's not something I want to lose again.  

The Gal is here to stay.  

And for you, whoever you are, that decided to hack it.  It is quite easy to start your own blog.  If you need any help... well, you know my email.  Just jot me a few lines and ask me your questions and I'll get back to you as soon as I get a second.

But leave my blog alone.