Monday, October 10, 2016

RELEASE BLAST: Let All Mortal Flesh

Let All Mortal Flesh
By: A.S. Chambers

Genre: Horror, Anthology
Publisher: A.S. Chambers
Publication date: 10.11.2016

Let All Mortal Flesh, the latest book from horror author A.S. Chambers, has hit the internet with a bang.
            The author of the Sam Spallucci novels brings us another of his anthologies of short, quirky horror stories.
            Can queue jumping have fatal consequences?  What is the special ingredient in a down-trodden wife's pie?  What could be worse than suffering from a common cold?  Perhaps the cure?
            A.S. Chambers answers all these questions as he also draws to a close the Justice & Nightingale vampire trilogies before paving the way for their return to the world of Sam Spallucci.
            It is available to buy over at his Amazon page (USUK) and there are links on his website.
            For a taster, have a little read of the shortest story in the book, Humble Pie...

"My word, this filling is most delicious," Charles said to his sister-in-law.  "It's a shame Josh couldn't join us for dinner tonight."
            "Did you say he was away on business?" the effusive banker's perfectly manicured wife asked their demure hostess.
            Angela thoughtfully rubbed the angry bruise on her wrist.  "I'm not sure when he'll be back."
            "Ah, well.  You must give us the recipe."
            The quiet woman smiled serenely as she recalled the slashing of the knife and the screaming of her erstwhile bullying husband.  "I'm afraid I couldn't do that," she explained.  "It's a family secret."

About the author:
By day, A.S. Chambers is a mild-mannered genealogist, armed only with a tweed jacket and a finely sharpened HB pencil.  By night, he is the top-hatted creator of the long-suffering Sam Spallucci - investigator of the paranormal and all things weird.
            The first outing for Sam was The Casebook of Sam Spallucci, published in 2012, where the poor chap suffered such unfortunate tasks as babysitting a new born vampire, tracking down an angst-ridden poltergeist in a local high school, and overcoming a lycanthropic zoo-keeper as it bayed for his blood.  Sam Spallucci: Ghosts from the Past followed in 2014 and the third in the series, Sam Spallucci: Shadows of Lancaster, saw the light of day in 2016.
            As well as books concerning his beleaguered investigator, Austin also whips out the occasional short horror story from time to time.  The first compilation of these, Oh Taste & See, was published in 2014 and, like the second compilation, All Things Dark & Dangerous, is available to buy as an ideal present for your dear old Gran.  (Let's face it, she'll prefer these books to those mint imperials that you bought for her birthday last year.  She was young once too, remember!)
            Austin has a Facebook page which he would be delighted for you to follow as well as the obligatory collection of ramblings in the Twittersphere.
            There is also a lovingly crafted website for you to peruse which fills you in a little bit more about his work and has the relevant links to Amazon for his books.

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