Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Gal's 62 Days of Horror - The Christmas Takeover

Last year, when I finished up The Gal's 31 Days of Horror, I joked around about how, this year, we should do a Christmas Takeover.  I mean, how many of us complain about the Christmas stuff being up too soon... sometimes before Halloween even takes place?  What a great way to return the favor, don't you think? 

When I posted the "joke" on Facebook, I found out that a lot of people felt the same way, some even messaging me throughout the year telling me that they can't wait until I put my now brilliant idea into action.  I also had a lot of authors who were interested in taking part.

When I started sending out emails for The Gal's (now) 62 Days of Horror, telling authors that it has to be better than last year (which was pretty epic), I was surprised by the support.  A lot of the authors I knew (and some I didn't know until now) were excited to be onboard... and one even suggested I turn the stories into a collection and give the proceeds to charity (something that I'm currently pondering).

So now, here we are, December 1st, the beginning of the Christmas season.  (Unless you work in retail, like me.  Then you know it actually began Thanksgiving evening when you left your family and friends and headed into work.)  

As always, I like to keep things a bit of a surprise, so you won't know who's next until you come back and look for the next day's story.

Right.  Story.  Cause I totally forgot to explain Christmas Takeover, which was the whole point of this post (haha).

Each author was given two parameters for their story: It had to take part during this holiday season AND it had to be either horror or dark fiction.  Some have offered up micro fiction, while others have submitted quite lengthy short stories.

So now I give you The Gal's 62 Days of Horror Christmas Takeover.  I hope you enjoy.

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